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Q & A

Each of us has the capacity to gain Higher Understanding in life. But most of us are too comfortable in our suffering. We don’t know anything else. Even when someone tells us we can rise above our problems, we don’t believe it. Nevertheless, there is a way out, and anyone who honestly wants to can find it.
—Vernon Howard

It is more empowering to gain wisdom by creating within yourself an idea, exploring that idea through experience, and then gaining external validation (“I was right!”) than it is to be given information by someone else and then seeking clarification (“I guess they’re right”). It is a subtle distinction, but a very powerful one. The first course of action is self-empowering whereas the second path perpetuates one’s subjugation to any given “higher authority.”

“Seek and ye shall find.” The information you desire has always been freely and readily available to you. You must first, however, demonstrate your determination to gain that knowledge through your thoughts, your emotions, your words, and your actions. The information you seek will then be gratefully provided.

Now that that [or should I say “yet another”?] pontification is out of the way, you may ask any question you like, as long as:
The question is relevant to the group work of dismantling the federal bureaucracy,
Your question reflects your focus upon the plane of the mind, and
You demonstrate that mental focus by providing at least one possible, positive solution to your question.

I am not going to be posting many (if any) questions related to the conditions currently existing on this planet or to the content of pages other than the “What” page of this Web site, as doing so in either case would be equivalent to doing your homework for you, and I will not respond to individual emails. This is group work, my Brothers and Sisters. I will first address questions (should I get any) that predominate (from different sources) and then questions that invoke positive, insightful possibilities. At some point it will become clear that I am not a necessary component of this work.

Update as of 2007.8.12 at 1:56:14PM: I started a forum on Capitol Hill Blue ( Deliberations) a few days ago and have decided that it would be the best place to post answers to questions. Thus, you may post questions here (in effect, privately) or post questions directly on CHB. Blessings to you all.



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About the Author

Who am I?

The details of my life are not relevant (certainly not at this time) to the work that I am encouraging you to consider. This work is not about me; nothing I say or do is going to make this happen. If I disappear tomorrow, all this can still easily unfold; a good janitor can still be found.

Do I want to do this work?

It’s not on my list of Preferred Options. Still, it is a significant opportunity for our species and I am not aware of anyone else suggesting (much less volunteering to facilitate) this work nor am I aware of any demonstrations of the strength and determination necessary to see this work through to completion. To wit: If your wife is seven months pregnant and you’re running out of toilet paper, would you get out of bed and go to the store? Then please don’t wonder why I’m doing this. [The story of Jonah and the Whale rings a little too close to home.] Someone once commented [adoringly, I trust] to the acerbic wit Dorothy Parker that she must love writing. She replied, “Love writing? I hate writing! I love having written.” I am willing to delay, for a few years, other work that I intend to finish.

In the process of doing your homework, should you choose (as a group) to hire me, I am willing to facilitate this transition, functioning as a “conductor” in lieu of a national President. I am willing to agree to a two-year contract, with the afore-mentioned compensation based upon the average salary of high school teachers in this country. After the two years are up, we can decide whether or not to extend that contract. Understand, that if you hire me, the process of dismantling the federal bureaucracy will begin immediately upon the start of my contract. I intend that the process will be completed well within the first year and that the second year will involve, primarily, clarifying our intentions as a country and facilitating our interactions with the rest of the world. After that . . . 

Do understand, my Brothers and Sisters, I am neither telling you to hire me nor am I asking you to hire me. I am simply stating that I am willing to make myself available, should you choose to hire me. Let us let go of any delusions of Glamour, Glory, or Grandiosity: stark demonstrations of “camping it up” on the plane of the emotions. Doing so is always entertaining and it is your birthright to stay there as long as you are able (evolution will eventually rear its sublime head); I’m simply suggesting an alternative, one that I’ve pondered upon “a bit.”

My work is to assist in the ongoing transformation of consciousness on this planet and to do all that I can to ensure that this transformation transpires in as gentle, as loving, and as rapid a manner as possible. “That’s what I am here for.” [Thank you, Roy Buchannan, wherever you are, Brother! Since you’re probably back in a new body by now, I have just one word for you: “guitar,” Roy, “guitar!” Oh, and by the way, if you, Lowell George, and Len Bias could just go a little easier on yourselves this life around we’d all be grateful . . . I’d ask the same of Keith Moon but “dat boy don’ listen ta nobody!” We love you, Keith!]

Am I qualified to do this work?

Management is a primary focus of my life’s work. To elaborate:

Twenty-five years ago, I was assisting a very delightful and talented person in running a company that I dearly loved. At one point she (with a smile on her face—believe it or not) said to me, “ . . . you have one good quality and one bad quality. Your good quality is your relentless, single-minded focus. Your bad quality is your relentless, single-minded focus.” [Thank you, J.! My love to you and J.!]

Two months ago, one of my best (i.e. few) friends sent me an email stating, “Glad you're back on-line and still being the pain-in-the-ass nitpicking bastard we all love soooo much.” Four days later he wrote, “Your attention to detail is a better phrase.” I replied that the first comment was probably more accurate (but I appreciated his graciousness).

And finally, Goddess A (see below if you’re really that bored) would be able to give any of you (she’s not speaking to me) a long list of my personality deficiencies, however I expect that “focused intent” and “strength of will” are not on that list. Do us both a favor and do not hire me if you are not sure that you want this work accomplished. I’m not interested in doing the American version of Monty Python’s “Vocational Guidance Counsellor” sketch.

In closing, please allow me to offer to all of you, my Brothers and Sisters, my warmest unconditional love.

“Time is of the essence.”

Arthur “Two Sheds” Jackson

P.S.: For those of you who insist on yet a few more trivial tidbits:

In 1991, I had experiences that caused me to realize that I had “a bit” more work to do on myself. I had been very shy and focused on my work for my entire life and had few (and far between) romantic relationships. Still, I realized that I needed to wait for “The One For Whom I Was Intended” so I waited . . . and waited.

After seven years, in June of 1998, I found myself in a distant city one night, and through a series of synchronicities, I met an extraordinary woman, a Goddess worthy of the wait—I’ll call her “Goddess Number 1.” It was a very magical evening and we talked for a couple of hours. As I had an early flight, I had to cut the conversation short and told her that I would write to her when I got to the opposite coast. Knowing she was in the process of relocating to a distant city to start her own company, I got out a quick “thank you” note the next day. After two weeks, I had to accept that I was not going to hear from her, so I sent a card, thanking her at least for the opportunity to know that she was on the planet.

Saddened, eighteen days after meeting her, I went with my best friend out to a party and, after another series of surprising synchronicities, I met an equally amazing woman—I’ll call her “Goddess A” so that they can each be at the top of their respectful domains. As Goddess A lived less than an hour away, I slowly, gently, casually, and playfully worked to establish communication such that trust and comfort might grow and, perhaps, blossom into a romance.

After nineteen months, I had to accept that heart-felt communication and trust were not an option. Deeply saddened, I asked her out to dinner to say goodbye and to lovingly let go. We went to my all-time favorite restaurant, my home-away-from-home, “Sushi To Dai For” in San Rafael, California. [God bless Dai, Julie, K., Jun, Adachi, and all the wonderful people who work or have worked there. Their food is so extraordinary, it’s almost as good as their service!]

We sat near the door and I told her of my feelings for her. Without looking at me, she stated “we will never be lovers” but graciously made it clear that I was a convenient bodyguard with whom she was willing to have dinner, every month or two, at “Sushi To Dai For,” early in the week, if none of her boyfriends were available.

After a few more “clarifications,” she paused to reload from her prolific plethora of polished verbal projectiles. Saddened by her (usual) attacks, I silently sighed, sat back in my chair, looked up . . . and standing in the aisle in front of me, motionless and staring at me with a look of complete shock on her face, was Goddess Number 1.

I had not seen, spoken to, nor heard from her since that magical night, twenty months and one week earlier and three thousand miles away. I recognized her immediately and as I looked into her eyes for five (maybe six) seconds, I had a number of realizations:
She obviously recognized me too and it was not exactly a moment of pleasant delight for her.
She was motionless—clearly in shock—and I was seated directly between her and the door: She would have to pass within inches of me to leave.
Based on her expression, there was little that I could say at that moment that would be at all constructive between us and anything that I said would certainly not be of much benefit to the conversation I was having with Goddess A.
Walking up behind her—obviously her dinner partner—was a very handsome, well-dressed fellow.

For those few brief seconds, I had across the table from me a Goddess worth waiting many years for, who would not look at me as she morosely mutilated my sense of self-worth (her favorite form of interacting with me) and immediately behind her was a Goddess who was staring at me in complete shock, unwilling to speak to me, and who was also worth waiting for for many years.

I had patiently, faithfully, waited for seven years to meet either of them, then met them both within eighteen days of each other and on opposite coasts, and suddenly now, twenty months later, they were within inches of each other and making it quite clear that I was not on either of their “Worth Waiting For” lists.

In those few seconds, my final realization was that the only thing that I could do to allow the moment to pass with any grace at all, would be to simply look away and allow Goddess Number 1 to pass by in peace. I did and she walked by and exited without saying a word. A moment later Goddess A, having gathered her thoughts, picked up where she had left off. When she was finished, we left, and as I walked her to her car, she commented, “That was fun, wasn’t it?” . . . Ah, the False Citadel in all its glory . . . 

After offering her some closing words of love and tenderness at her car, I gave her one last big hug, and as I walked off into the night, she called out after me, “We’ll talk later!” It was an encouraging remark, but having been told by her, “I don’t call guys” and “I always have a boyfriend,” I felt it was perhaps an unlikely scenario. (I was right.)

As I strode through the darkness, I sent love and blessings to the two Goddesses, asking that the deepest desires of their hearts be granted, whatever those desires may be, and I gave thanks (with a distinct lack of enthusiasm) to the Gang Upstairs for reminding me yet again and with a most overt demonstration of succinct synchronicity:

“This is a working lifetime.”



(So be it.)