Introductory Notes (posted 2006.12.4)
Introduction to the Process
Personnel Management
Financial and Assets Management
Legislative Authority
Electoral Processes
Military Redeployment
International Liaisons

Inaugural Acts (posted 2008.4.8)
The following is the sequence of actions to be implemented immediately upon inauguration, should the People choose to hire me:
Dennis Kucinich, Cynthia McKinney, and Ron Paul inaugurated as Vice Presidents.
Immediate dismissal of all members of the three branches of the federal government.
Immediate cessation of any and all acts (or support of any such acts) of aggression or deception outside of our borders.
Immediate cessation all acts of aggression, repression, or deception within our borders.
Immediate closure of all foreign borders except where strict regulation is reliable and verifiable.
Immediate restoration of control over all federal funds, assets, and lands to the States.
Immediate restoration of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
Immediate return of all federal employees to the U.S. within one hundred hours of the inauguration.
Complete dismantling of the entire federal bureaucracy within four weeks of the inauguration.
Debts forgiven.
Mandated health regulations.
Reestablishing the Separation of Church and State as inviolable.
Development of trust between the U.S. and the People of the World.

Introduction to the Process

Civilizations in decline are consistently characterized by a tendency toward standardization and uniformity. Conversely, during the growth stage of civilization, the tendency is toward differentiation and diversity.
—Arnold Toynbee

The process of dismantling the federal bureaucracy is actually not that complicated. The States are well adapted to taking care of themselves and interacting with their neighbors. Federal assistance programs that directly impact the citizens of a State are almost always managed within that State. There are people already well-trained who can either do such work within each State or train others to do the work if a particular program is currently not managed within a State that it affects. It is also reasonable to assume that our Brothers and Sisters are not going to continue to go to a job knowing that they will not be getting paid for their work; thus a clearly articulated process is understandably required. This Web site (including its scheduled subsequent derivatives) was created as a forum for providing sufficient structure to this process so that it may occur in as gentle, as loving, and as rapid a manner as possible.

It is important that we dismantle the entire federal bureaucracy completely; we can always decide to restaff those functions that are deemed worthy of restoring—one suggestion might be the National Park, Forest, and Bureau of Land Management systems, perhaps simplified and synthesized. But it is regularly necessary to thoroughly cleanse a stagnant system of government (or of business management) to free it from its calcified mindset.

Throughout our (known) history, such “Spring cleanings” have always been and will continue to be, for a little while longer, unavoidable. If we do not take full control of the complete dismantling of the federal bureaucracy then either some very naughty boys will end up with their hands back in the “cookie jar” yet again or individuals from outside our borders will attempt to do the work for us (or for themselves).

The Founding Fathers did their homework. They were paying attention. They knew, in advance, that “We the People” would end up being emotionally manipulated and taken advantage of by some very naughty boys, and they deliberately wrote a Constitution and a Bill of Rights that, after the inevitable selfish actions of a select few, would be available to us to be used to reclaim and “replenish” our country. That time has come. I encourage us—as a group—to do our homework and dismantle the federal bureaucracy. All of it.

The following categories are brief, broad outlines for the implementation of this transition. They are deliberately left as broad outlines to remind us that this process requires that together we use our minds to regain control over the governing our country. What is suggested is in no way claimed to be “better” than what can, and will, be considered and suggested by our Brothers and Sisters of our country. This page will grow.

Personnel Management

All federal employees, up to and including the President and all military personnel, will be dismissed from their duties. Let us be gracious and give them a two-week notice. Goodness, make it a four-week notice—some of them have worked hard! As the States will be taking on much greater control over their governance, these dismissed employees will have opportunities for work within their home State or a State of their choosing; the States will require their services. Only some of the federal employees might perceive this as a crisis. (There are reasons the phrase “going postal” has become an American icon.) There are also many federal employees who, in shock, will run into the streets shouting out, “Thank you, God! They finally fired me! Let’s party!”

Remember, the federal bureaucracy is not a living person. It has no rights; it does not get to vote on whether or not it exists.

Financial and Assets Management

All funds, assets, and territories revert to the States, with no exceptions. This includes all vehicles, weapons, hardware, software, and properties used by federal employees who will be encouraged to put their skills to use in the State of their choosing.

One of the first functions of a constrained federal government will be to discover and reevaluate where all the money resides—all of it. Refusing to allow any funds (or former high-level government employees) to leave the country until all the financial machinations are resolved might be prudent. However, considering the reputation around the world of the current federal conglomeration, it will not be too difficult to track where the money goes and to see that it is returned.

Any and all funds and assets would be distributed amongst the States according to a per-capita, per-State cost-of-living index, determined by the States as a group. All expenditures of funds and allocations of assets and personnel, including military, will be determined by each individual State, coordinated with the other States. We already have the necessary personnel, knowledge, funds, and tools to do our share of the work, as participants in the ongoing evolution of our species; all we need is a little “focused intent.”

The printing of any national currency might well best be handled by a not-for-profit public utility, and any other federal functions that are deemed to be of value would also be recreated as not-for-profit public utilities—all under the regulation of the States. Corporate suppliers of resources of necessity: organic foods, pure water, and sustainable fuels, would best become not-for-profit, public utilities as well. (Family farms are best left to their families.)

The stabilization and vitalization of life on the planet, in all its blessedly diverse forms, must be recognized as a necessary (and inevitable) goal and steadily encouraged. The eventual synthesis of religions and governments will (necessarily) slowly evolve as we come to recognize that it is our diversity of Peoples and forms of religion and government that are our greatest strength, and such diversity needs to be nurtured and allowed to grow.

Legislative Authority

The only responsibility that the federal government will retain is the making, evaluating, and authorizing of laws that involve the interactions between the States themselves and between the States as a group and other countries. Thus only the Legislative, Judicial, and Executive branches of the federal government will be allowed to exist. All other powers will return to the States and the federal branches will have no control over any funds, assets, or territories.

Think of the process of dismantling the federal bureaucracy as that of inverting the pyramid of authority:
the People of the U.S. are the office managers,
the State governments are the staff workers, and
the federal government is the janitorial staff.
The People control the State governments and the State governments control the federal government.

An election would be held to replace the entirety of the Legislative, Judicial, and Executive branches. No one will be allowed to be re-elected during this preliminary election. This is not to besmirch the hard work that many of these people have performed, but rather to instill a distinct round of “fresh Spirit” into the system. This is a very necessary and important step.

All elected State employees would receive the average salary and benefits of the high school teachers within their State. Elected federal employees would receive the national average of high school teacher salaries and benefits. Periodically, all State legislators would gather at various local high school cafeterias. Interactions between State employees, and between States, would primarily be done electronically via the Internet and when necessary via video conferencing. All communications and results would made available to the public via the Internet. These steps would guarantee the accuracy of the transmitted data as everyone will be able to confirm or question all results.

On the federal level, the Legislative Branch would be responsible for the writing of laws of equal service to all the People of all the States; the Judicial Branch would be responsible for evaluating the legality and the wisdom of those laws; and the Janitorial Staff (formerly referred to as the Executive Branch) would be responsible for “cleaning up any loose ends” and ensuring the compatibility of those laws with all the Peoples of the world.

Electoral (and General Voting) Processes

All voting will need to be conducted on paper, in duplicate, with results tallied and stored in separate locations: the branch where the results were gathered and a centralized location within each State. No electronic voting machines will be allowed in any form (at least for quite some time).

Naturally, the housekeeping that we would be performing would result in a period of transition that would necessarily require greater input on the part of the People: due to our greatly increased authority, decisions would be need to be made that would require our voting on a semi-regular basis. Therefore, the voting process would need to be simpler and more regular for the constructive implementation of this rejuvenated authority. Considering that the federal bureaucracy would no longer exist, it would likely be possible to find former federal employees who would be willing to work at implementing and maintaining a physical, paper-based voting system.

Some possible options:
A means of confirming recorded votes so that the People can ensure that their votes were (properly) recorded would be wise. One vote, per person, per “vote card,” such that each single vote by each person could be stored separately, (for example: all “yeas” for one question could be stored physically, in one place, in each community, with a tabulated result available on the Internet) is strongly encouraged. This would also allow anyone to physically count the votes on any given question to validate the results.
On the back of each vote could be the person’s name and address, in their own handwriting. The cards could be stored such that only one side of the card could be viewed at any one time. The vote side could simply have the question and/or the question reference code at the top, and in bold print, either “Yes” or “No.” If the card references an electoral vote then the name for the person being voted for could be checked or filled in.
The cards could be filed in boxes specific to the question and a chosen answer—thus two boxes for most questions—and each box could be sorted alphabetically after the voting was concluded, by people who did not know which box was being sorted. This would allow anyone (after presenting proper identification) to confirm that their vote was properly recorded, without revealing to the attendant what the question was or who else voted in the same manner.
A chalkboard could be used to display a running total of the number of those who have voted in that location, along with the number of registered voters for that location. Voting cards could be pre-marked “Yes” or “No” and the voter would simply choose one, put their name on the back, and turn it in to the attendant who would file it name-side up. On a regular basis, or as needed, the cards would be turned over so that the names were no longer visible and then sorted and stored, according to the vote per each question. Ongoing results could tallied on the chalkboard for a running total for each question that could then be easily checked at the end of the voting period. The cards would then be stored for a pre-determined period of time and then reused (as for all but electoral votes, all they would have on the front of the card would be “Yes” or “No”) either by handing the returning voter their previously marked cards when they sign in or by simply erasing or whiteing-out their names on the backs.

Military Redeployment

All military operations (overt and covert) would immediately cease, including all financial and technical military support of, and weapons sales to, foreign countries. All military hardware and supplies would be recovered and all personnel (overt and covert) would immediately be offered a brief opportunity to return to the States. All food, water, and medical supplies and facilities would be left behind. It is expected that the States would reach a common agreement on civilian employment of military personnel and utilization of the tools, equipment, and supplies. There is more than enough work that needs to be done taking care of our schools and infrastructure such that we would have no trouble keeping our Brothers and Sisters busy. Considering that all of our military hardware and personnel would be within our borders, it is reasonable to assume that we would be well protected during our country’s “gestation period.”

International Liaisons

This country has wonderful diversity—let’s capitalize on that diversity, and demonstrate to the world the potent strength that results from the synthesis of diversity and unity.

The State Department would become a function of the Janitorial Staff.

Like the States, the Native American cultures will be fully compensated and made fully independent.

Inaugural Acts
The following is the sequence of actions to be implemented immediately upon inauguration, should the People choose to hire me:
(Excuse me for belaboring what would have been most prudent to consider a century ago, but we are now dealing with the consequences of what this country was carefully, passionately, articulately, and specifically founded to avoid. . . .  On that note:)

Dennis Kucinich, Cynthia McKinney, and Ron Paul inaugurated as Vice Presidents.
Each will serve equally and they will have the power to out-vote me; I shall decide any tie votes.
They shall determine how they serve as President of the Senate.
Cynthia, Dennis, and Ron would share the role of President upon my departure, expected to be no later than the end of the first two years of a four-year term.
Note: see Capitol Hill Blue forum: Cynthia, Dennis, and Ron: We Need All Three

Immediate dismissal of all members of the three branches of the federal government.
Every member of the three branches of the federal government (Executive, Judicial, and Legislative) will be relieved of duty immediately following the 2009.1.20 inauguration and banned from claiming any federal authority for at least four years; the States are strongly advised to do likewise. Those that have acted in an intelligent and honorable manner may (and likely will) be consulted. Ambassadors to foreign countries may be retained upon review (see below here and here).
Note (to be most gracious in this regard): only a very thorough “Spring Cleaning” will allow the task of trustworthy, responsible, ethical government to begin. This is a very necessary and important step. [The alternative is to have most of them tried for treason.]
The States are thus required to immediately hold carefully audited, paper-ballot elections to restore their representation in Congress. States that delay will risk losing representation until representatives are duly elected.
The three Vice Presidents will submit a list of candidates for the Judicial branch to the newly staffed Senate.

Immediate cessation of any and all acts (or support of any such acts) of aggression or deception outside of our borders.
This will require the immediate convening of all ambassadors to review and to clarify our Country’s intentions regarding our interactions with those Brothers and Sisters external to our borders.
All military assistance (including, but not limited to: financial, logistical, technological, weaponry, hardware, software, and personnel) to foreign countries will immediately cease.

Immediate cessation all acts of aggression, repression, or deception within our borders.
Any denial of any Constitutional rights, and in particular those rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights, will be an act of treason.
The suppression or destruction of information or forensic evidence, overtly or covertly related to the actions of the government, will be an act of treason.
The deliberate withholding of information regarding treasonous acts will be an act of treason.
The deliberate fostering of deception will be an act of treason. Public employees (government officials, representatives, police, etc.) and any media outlets found guilty of lying will be dealt with harshly.
Deliberately harassing or detaining any U.S. citizens, or any visitors to the U.S., without verifiable proof of intent to commit a crime will be dealt with harshly.
Armed, private security forces are banned.
Anyone carrying a gun anywhere other than within the borders of their personal, private property must be approved by the People of the State. This is why I strongly encourage the People of each State to use the established role of elected Sheriff for all State law enforcement, answering to an elected Attorney General.
Note: Adolescent, testosterone-fueled insecurity is no authorization to carry a gun—I will not condone demonstrations of adolescent addictions to power.

Immediate closure of all foreign borders except where strict regulation is reliable and verifiable.
Particularly at this time, “strong fences make good neighbors”; when the People have once again gained control over our Country, we will be willing to review this condition.

Immediate restoration of control over all federal funds, assets, and lands to the States.
All federal funds, assets, and territories revert to the States, with no exceptions. Any and all federal funds and assets would be distributed amongst the States according to a per-capita, per-State, cost-of-living index, as determined by the States as a group.
Each State is responsible for locating, securing, and auditing all funds and assets within its borders. All audits of bank, corporate, and government funds and assets are to be publicly available. All federal funds and assets are to be located, secured, audited, and prepared for dispensation.
The Federal Reserve System will relinquish all funds and assets to the People, and will be held accountable for all actions taken since its creation.
The Basel II Accord will be fully honored.
A stable variant of a full-reserve banking system, backed by a precious metals standard, that allows for reliable, auditable electronic (i.e. “digital gold”) transactions will be established and implemented. Several versions of such a system have been long debated worldwide, are currently being considered, and will be finalized in the coming months. [We the People got ourselves into this muddle; let us use our inspiration and our talent to implement a banking system of which we can be proud and the development of which may well be of service to others.]
All banks with branches outside of any single State will be fully audited and closed after all funds and assets are transferred, via audited transactions, into a State bank of each account holder’s choosing. Failure to comply will be an act of treason.
Hoarding funds and assets will be a federal offense. The limits of asset accumulation will be established in due course by the Congress, but will be required to be made high enough such that those who are enjoying hard-earned funds and assets need not compromise their living standards or the living standards of their immediate family in any way—hard work most definitely deserves its rewards. Excessively vast sums of funds and assets are rarely acquired, or used, ethically.
All allocations of State funds and assets will be determined by the States.
Taxation is a function of the States.
Federal expenses (salaries, utilities, travel expenses—see above) will be pooled by the States into a Maryland bank.
Military expenses will be determined and allocated by the States.
Note: Yes, it will take a few months before the States stabilize the process in which they allocate their funds. It will be worth the effort.

Immediate restoration of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
Any act that compromises the rights of any citizen—as established by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights—will be an act of treason.
Any law that compromises the rights of any citizen—as established by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights—will be immediately revoked as unconstitutional.
No citizen of the U.S., of legal voting age, may be denied the right to vote. The denial of any citizen of the right to vote, free from coercion, or the denial of privacy while voting, will be an act of treason.
All existing electronic voting or vote tabulating systems are permanently banned. All manufacturers are required to relinquish any and all rights to any and all hardware and software upon demand. Refusal to do so will constitute treason.
The original thirteenth amendment (i.e. the Titles of Nobility Amendment) met a dubious fate. It is strongly recommended that the (alleged) remaining thirty-eight States immediately (re)consider and ratify it. If the pertinent questions regarding its original ratification can be ascertained and resolved, it will immediately be granted ratification.
The restoration of the First Amendment will once again guarantee Freedom of the Press. The challenge we (currently) face in this country is that the “mainstream media” is very rarely honest, acting solely in the interests of their owners—not in the interests of the People they serve. This is a challenge all Peoples of the world face, however the propaganda passing as “news” in the U.S. has long reached an unacceptable level—bordering on treason (as outlined above)—and must be publicly addressed.
Note: The reclaiming of our Country will require a careful reassessment as to how we allowed the Constitution and Bill of Rights to be “circumvented.” We the People (as a group) will discover that the theft of our country was carefully planned and executed over much of the past two centuries. Thus, regulations for U.S. citizenship must be established that will require every citizen, upon reaching legal voting age, take an exam that clearly informs the citizen of their responsibilities and clearly defines their understanding of our government and our history.

Immediate return of all federal employees to the U.S. within one hundred hours of the inauguration.
All federal employees (overt and covert, including all military personnel) are required to be within the borders of the U.S. within one hundred hours after the inauguration (currently scheduled for noon on Tuesday, January 20, 2009).
Any federal employee deliberately delaying return to the U.S. will be dealt with most harshly.
Deliberately denying or delaying another U.S. citizen’s return to the U.S. will be considered treason.
Any and all weapons are to be simultaneously removed and returned as well. If any weapon cannot be simultaneously removed from foreign territory, it must be rendered unusable as a weapon.
Note: Some may protest that one hundred hours does not allow enough time to return all personnel and weapons to the U.S. I suggest consideration of the following: If every person on this planet knows that our troops are required to be within our borders within one hundred after the inauguration, what is the likelihood that our troops are going to be willing to stay in occupied countries and territories? Food for thought . . . 
All housing, food, water, and medical supplies are to be left behind.
Note: Certainly there will be some naughty boys who will loudly (as naughty boys are wont to do) protest abandoning some very expensive property and assets in certain foreign countries. Let it be made clear that breaking international laws just because they thought they could “hide behind the sandbox bully” does not allow them to cling to any claimed “rights.” If they would like to protest in a Court of Law their right to illegally claimed or utilized assets, they may find themselves facing greater consequences than they might be willing to risk.
There are a few instances wherein federal representatives and technicians working outside the borders of this country are beneficial to the People of this country and to the People of the world. Some instances might include:
a small number of honorable, intelligent, gracious, and articulate ambassadors, serving in or traveling between countries. [We do have such Brothers and Sisters in this country—testimony to the innate gifts that the People of this country have to offer. Food for thought . . . ]
a small group of scientists stationed at the South Pole Infrared Telescope
Other suggestions—qualified by articulate reasons why such work cannot be handled by not-for-profit corporations, i.e. the Red Cross—will certainly arise and will promptly be considered.

Complete dismantling of the entire federal bureaucracy within four weeks of the inauguration.
All federal employees will have been dismissed after four weeks, encouraged to work for the State that will likely require their services and experience.
Note: Prior to the inauguration, the States must have full access to, and control over, all records (not plundered or destroyed by naughty boys) of the various federal programs that will now come fully under their jurisdiction and control. The States are encouraged to find ways to simplify the programs over which they now have full control, and to do so in a manner that serves their citizens most honorably.

Debts forgiven.
All debts owed to the U.S. by any “third-world” country will be annulled.
All housing foreclosures will be rescinded.
Note: It is understood that not all debts are the result of corrupt banking practices: selfishness and dishonesty are not limited to the banking industry. However, as the corruption within our banking system is so entrenched, it is simply not appropriate to cause the Many to suffer because of the acts of the Few. Thus, debts to banks will be forgiven unless deliberate criminal activity can be proven in a Court of Law. Debts to individuals and local businesses and groups are still to be honored.

Mandated health regulations.
All genetically modified seeds, crops, and foods are immediately banned.
All forms of Aspartame are immediately banned.
Water fluoridation is to immediately cease; all chemicals added to water supplies must immediately be declared and publicly monitored.
The killing of animals for food and the control of animal herds are issues to be decided by the People of each State, in coordination with the People of neighboring States.
The farming of organic foods is emphatically encouraged on all levels: personal, family, community, and state. Much of the soil of this country has been managed such that essential vitamins have become a very necessary component of healthy nutrition. Other countries are far ahead of us in this regard.
Natural forms of pest control do exist and are strongly recommended. Again, other countries are far ahead of us in this regard.
Note: This list is deliberately incomplete, but is intended to initiate the necessary results: the health of our Country in all its expressions. Much work restoring the health and nutrition of our children must be undertaken immediately. This is a “Pandora’s box” of critical issues that must be dealt with and that requires extensive communication between the States. The wisdom of ancient cultures is worthy of consideration. There is also an enormous amount of suppressed medical information that must be made available. Do not delay this work.

Reestablishing the Separation of Church and State as inviolable.
The separation of Church and State was established for very necessary reasons—largely due to the crimes of certain “religious” organizations—and must be respected.
This separation also necessitates the closing of “religious” educational school systems and “religious”/educational affiliations: any “religious” controls over information dishonor the People they purport to serve.
Note: I do appreciate that this will be a topic of much debate, but the covert actions of prominent religions is in direct conflict with the teachings of Those Who inspired those religions. It is also very important to clearly distinguish those innocent and devoted followers of religions from those who manipulate religions for personal power and gain. I deliberately, and playfully, address this on the Why page. The corruption and limitations of religions worldwide is well known to those who are doing their homework.

Development of trust between the U.S. and the People of the World.
All U.S. Territories and Native American Nations are encouraged to resolve their relations with the U.S. as soon as possible. All States are reminded that until we can demonstrate a healthy, vital expression of democracy within the borders of the U.S., we have little reason to think that other Peoples will respect our opinions in such matters.
Note: is one forum that has been established specifically to facilitate such interactions.
All nations’ weapons of mass destruction will be overtly, carefully, and completely dismantled, with full international oversight. Any country caught hoarding weapons will be ostracized—not a healthy consequence on a small, insignificant planet, suffering from neglect.