Listen to the mustn’ts, child, listen to the don’ts.
Listen to the shouldn’ts, the impossibles, the won’ts.
Listen to the never haves, then listen close to me.
Anything can happen, child, anything can be.
—Shel Silverstein

2009.7.6 Beliefs, Insecurity, and Our Brothers and Sisters in Israel
2008.5.16 A May Day Offering (belated)
2007.12.25 Cynthia, Dennis, and Ron: We Need All Three
2007.12.6 Boys Will Be Boys . . .   (closing with some holiday words of appreciation)
2007.11.26 A Declaration of Responsibility
2007.9.14 A Brief Review of How We Got Here and What We May Expect
2007.8.4 Deliberations
2007.6.4 Questions and Responses
2007.2.4 Initial Feedback

Capitol Hill Blue Forums: Deliberations and Cynthia, Dennis, and Ron: We Need All Three

2009.7.6 at 1:08:27PM: Beliefs, Insecurity, and Our Brothers and Sisters in Israel

— Beliefs —
Some monks live alone in the wilderness—not out of fear, rejection, or refusal to participate in society—they do so because only when separated from others does one finally begin to understand just how compromised one’s belief system becomes when enmeshed in a carefully structured and controlled society. It is our beliefs that create our emotions, our emotions that influence our thoughts, our thoughts that impel our actions, and our actions that create the conditions and experiences that we then use (unconsciously) to rationalize and thus validate our beliefs.

It is this cycle of subservience to our beliefs (and the resulting rationalizations) that enslaves our minds and keeps us from recognizing the truths that live deep within each and every one of us—truths that must eventually be re-discovered by each and every one of us, in one lifetime or another. There is no escaping this classroom that we call, planet Earth.

One of the most exciting qualities of life on this planet at this time is that an awareness of how deeply affected we are by our beliefs and (consequently and especially) how easily those beliefs can be consciously shifted (rather than being indoctrinated) is now blossoming—suddenly and simultaneously—all across our planet.

It is our beliefs that are the sole cause of our emotions. When we unconsciously cling to a belief without regard to the impact upon ourselves and our Brothers and Sisters, we allow ourselves to be hypnotized and emotionally manipulated. We—each and every one of us—contain all beliefs. We must: you cannot have a coin with only one side (to express it metaphorically) and each of those paired beliefs are of equal value. Which of those two beliefs that you choose to focus on is entirely up to you and no one can ever force you to change your beliefs.

Our beliefs are always the cause of all of our emotions.
Our emotions influence our thoughts.
Our thoughts impel our actions.
Our actions create our experiences.
Our experiences are then used to rationalize our beliefs and we are “caught in a web of our own creation.”

“Seek and ye shall find” applies to the consequences of our beliefs as well.

— Insecurity —
Ultimately, we now have the opportunity to recognize that all forms of violence—often beginning with emotional upheavals (i.e. passionately expressed negative beliefs) of one person against another or one People against another—are always the expression of a deep, and often unconscious, insecurity:

Insecurity taken to an extreme becomes selfishness.
Selfishness taken to an extreme becomes brutality.
Brutality taken to an extreme becomes sadism.

Thus, regardless of what form an act of violence may take (and there are many forms), it is always the result of deep insecurity.


And the emotion of insecurity is always the result of a belief . . . and we can always change our beliefs.

When we shift the focus of our beliefs, our emotions change; our thoughts change; our actions change; and thus we experience a different sequence of events in our lives—sometimes the shift is subtle, sometimes vast. Consciously choosing which beliefs to express, while honoring the validity of the beliefs we no longer choose to empower, will ultimately heal our emotions—including our insecurities—and, finally, end human violence on our beloved planet.

This is what we are on the verge of discovering as a species—we are on the verge of “waking up” to who (and what and where and why) we really are. This is one of the most exhilarating—and terrifying for many!—moments in evolution a species can experience. And it only comes once . . . 

This is why I posted

— Our Brothers and Sisters in Israel —
When we allow our beliefs to create our emotions without careful self-reflection, and then act in an unconscious manner, we invariably create conditions in our lives that will flush to the surface of our awareness those very beliefs and emotions, allowing us (should we choose) to recognize what belief it was that created our experience (usually one of pain and sorrow). When we continue to submit to our beliefs and react unconsciously, we then perpetuate the cycle and create for ourselves yet an even more painful form of “awakening.” Thus, we learn and grow.

Right now, our Brothers and Sisters in the government and military of Israel are deeply enmeshed in the victim/perpetrator complex. This is the unconscious expression of ancient and deeply rooted shame and insecurity, as demonstrated and measured by their ongoing crimes against humanity, and is now rising to the surface of our species’ consciousness to finally be healed.

Let us rejoice that this deep pain is now up to be healed, for healed it must be; our dearly beloved Brothers and Sisters in Israel deserve no less. Let us also have equal compassion for all involved: this is no easy lesson.

The People of Israel have precious gifts to offer to all the Peoples of this wonderful world, but—as each People have their own gifts to offer and their own lessons to learn—the People of Israel also now have the opportunity to learn the lesson of addiction to victimization: a condition rampant on our planet and one which we all must someday address. Again, let us acknowledge that this is not an easy lesson to master!

The government of Israel is creating conditions that can only exacerbate and perpetuate their self-imposed isolation from the Peoples of this world. This is sometimes called the “False Citadel” complex and will continue until the wise People of Israel reclaim control of their country and accept responsibility for their actions. Only the People of Israel can do this and there are many wise Brothers and Sisters in Israel who are ready, willing, and able to do this work.

All that the rest of us can do is to offer them our love, encouragement, and compassion while they do their homework. Again, this is not an easy lesson to master, but the People of Israel are a very intelligent and strong People; that this pain is now up to be healed can only mean that they have the ability to do that healing. Our Creator does not give out homework that cannot be mastered.

All the Peoples of this world want peace; only governments and religions create wars. Even the presumption of being able to create peace through war does nothing other than rationalize war and thus perpetuate the cycle. Evolution is unstoppable and Peace on Earth must, and will, blossom.

We cannot change others, and to attempt to do so only invalidates both parties. We can only love them and offer them compassion and patience. Let us trust that the People of Israel have the strength to do what is in both their best interest and the best interest of all Peoples for, ultimately, there is no distinction.

Allow me to use a metaphor: When I have a cold, I get a stuffy nose, my eyes water, and various parts of my body just plain ache. As I recover, my body doesn’t just suddenly feel better all over; first my my eyes stop watering and then my body stops hurting, etc., etc. Let us not shame or attack one part of our family just because the rest of us are “feeling our oats”; it has taken us thousands of thousands of years to get this far in our evolution, and we are only just beginning upon our way.

Patience. Kindness. Compassion. Forgiveness.

Let us appreciate just how much our Brothers and Sisters in Israel must be suffering to speak such words and to allow themselves to commit such atrocities. There is no other way—and we are but a breath away—to achieve Peace on Earth.

Blessings to us all,

Arthur “Two Sheds” Jackson

2008.5.16 at 9:32:20AM: A May Day Offering (belated)

Please excuse the delay in posting this; on April 30th my home was badly damaged by high winds and remains uninhabitable for the foreseeable future. I now own a gazebo (i.e. a home without walls), and can better appreciate what hurricane and tornado survivors must endure.

Without further ado . . . 

A May Day Offering

I have some good news and some bad news. First, the bad news . . . 

To paraphrase a delightful comment by our dear Brother, Albert Einstein:


    a = “It’s a good idea.”


    b = “It is possible.”


    c = “It will never happen, so why bother?”


    a + b + c = d


    d = our addiction to victimization

My dear Brothers and Sisters, have you not yet had enough pain? How much longer are you going to ignore your heart’s pleas for you to wake up? When you stop looking for someone to blame for the conditions on this planet, all the while begging to someone else to be “saved,” then you will finally begin the process of discovering your true power and becoming free. We have such a rare opportunity to create Heaven on Earth; the only price is your willingness to sacrifice your fears. Your complacency is your own personal condemnation to evermore debilitating, enslaved conditions.

And now the good news . . . 

The Boy and the Ball and Chain

There was once a place and time where people were much like us; they worked, they played, they loved, and they fought . . . but they had long, long ago, decided that once a child was able to walk, they would forevermore wear a ball and chain, fettered to one of their ankles. They had long forgotten why they did this and they had become quite accepting of it. They had even developed a material for the ball and chain such that it could never be removed and would naturally expand as the child grew. Entire ball-and-chain industries arose: “Just spray a little of this friction-free lubricant on your ball and you’ll forget it’s even there!”

All was well.

One day—a nice, warm, beautiful Summer day—a young boy went out to the playground with his friends and they were having a joyful, innocent, playful time of frolic and delight. After a while, the young boy grew tired, so he went to sit in the shade and watch his friends carrying on without him.

He lay back and looked off into the nearby woods to watch the birds singing in the trees. Out of the corner of his eye, he was very surprised to see some kind of movement, so he sat up to get a better look. It must have been some kind of animal as it was moving very quickly! He saw a shape moving through the forest; it looked like a person, but no one can move through the woods that fast! He watched and saw the figure stop and bend down out of sight . . . 

Well! This was just too much for a young boy! He had to find out what this was in the woods, and moving so quickly! So, off he went into the woods, carrying his ball carefully to make as little noise as possible. He found some fresh prints and followed them to the edge of a stream, where he saw a man resting and getting a drink of water. The boy was stunned: the man didn’t have his ball! Before the boy could control himself, he shouted out “Who are you and where’s your ball?!”

The man jumped up and turned in surprise, and he and the young boy stared at each other in a long moment of shock. . . . Seeing that the young boy was alone, the man sat down and smiled at the boy and said, “Do not be afraid. I am just someone who has chosen to live by myself, freed from the ball and chain I had been dragging around all my life. As I no longer have my ball and chain, I can no longer live with others; it is a very steep price to pay, but I have chosen to be free.”

The boy, still in shock, shouted again, “Where’s your ball!?” and the man calmly replied, “I finally decided I had to cut it off.”

Well! This put the boy into a real tizzy. He cried out, “Everyone knows you can’t cut the ball and chain off! That’s just not possible; everyone knows you can’t do that! What did you use to cut it off with?!” The man looked at the boy, and after a long pause, he reached into his coat and pulled out an old hacksaw blade. The boy was really incensed now! “You’re lying to me! Everyone knows you can’t cut through the shackle or the chain, especially with a hacksaw blade! You’re lying to me!”

The man put the blade back inside his coat and said, “Yes, of course, you’re right: that old hacksaw blade could never cut through the shackle or the chain . . . but it can cut through your leg,” and he pulled up a pant leg and there, clearly circling his leg, just above his ankle, was an obvious scar. “Yes, that old hacksaw blade could never cut through the shackle or the chain, but I’m a doctor and I can safely reattach your foot after you slide the shackle off.”

The boy started at the man in complete shock, so the man continued, “I will not saw your foot off for you; you must do that yourself, and you must do it cleanly and quickly so that you don’t blackout from the pain or the loss of blood. But if you are willing to saw your foot off, enduring the shock and the pain, and accepting that it will take months for your foot to heal completely, then you will forevermore be free.”

 . . . to be continued . . . 

2007.12.25 at 12:53:50PM: Cynthia, Dennis, and Ron: We Need All Three

I know this will confuse many people, but it is worthy of serious consideration:

When Cynthia McKinney recently announced her candidacy, I was deeply moved and inspired by her bravery. We now have three people of high integrity running for President: Dennis Kucinich, Cynthia McKinney, and Ron Paul (in alphabetical order).

They are choosing to offer themselves as candidates in the Democratic Party, the Green Party, and the Republican Party, respectively. They have diverse backgrounds and focuses of interest, but they have one important commonality: they are dedicated to reversing the (quite deliberate) near-terminal tailspin that this country is in. They have consistently proven themselves to be strong, determined, and dedicated public servants of high caliber . . . and right now we need all the help we can get. Thus I urge you all to consider:

Dennis Kucinich, Cynthia McKinney, and Ron Paul would make a great triumvirate serving as President.

There are several reasons why they would be very effective in such a role:
They would be able to deal with the current and coming challenges as a group. It has often been stated that “two heads are better than one” and right now three would be even better still.
They would be able to make decisions quite easily as two votes in favor (or in opposition) would decide the result.
They would each have the support of two equal partners and this is not going to be easy work.
They would coalesce a wide range of diverse people . . . and right now we need all the unity we can get.
They are three strong-willed, heart-based people who have enough humility and determination to see this critical phase through to completion, without having to worry about selfish, egotistical dramas playing out.

There are other good reasons to hire them as a trio, but I need not pontificate further, especially since I have been encouraging all of us—as a group—to use our minds and to come up with our own answers . . . and right now we need all the wisdom we can get.

It will take the efforts of all three of them to begin to accomplish the work that for the past year I have offered to do on my own—though of course I would be thrilled to have them as Vice-Presidents, taking over as a trio after my two-year contract was over. However I am neither wealthy nor famous (nor selfish) and thus have not garnered any consideration. So be it.

I will close by condensing the work that needs to be done into three very short, very simple words:

“Take the money.”

After all . . . it’s your money. Take all funds, assets, and property out of the control of the Federal bureaucracy and put the money and assets somewhere you can trust, i.e. in a locally-owned and operated State bank and keep a very, very close watch over it. Once all the funds and assets are accounted for, I suggest that the Governors of the fifty States agree upon a cost-of-living, per-capita index and a means of distribution and then actually move the resulting funds to within the borders of the assigned States. I can say much more about this process, but this is enough for now. At this critical juncture our focus is best spent on one very basic, very critical action: “Take the money.”

“It really is that simple.”

Blessings to you all, my dear Brothers and Sisters. 2008 will be quite an adventure!

Arthur “Two Sheds” Jackson

(The above was also posted on a new Capitol Hill Blue forum: Cynthia, Dennis, and Ron: We Need All Three.)

2007.12.6 at 9:37:44PM: Boys Will Be Boys . . .   (closing with some holiday words of appreciation)

All right now. It has been a year since this Web site was first posted and the past year has been quite an adventure. Some of you have wondered why I do not address the many “improprieties” that are currently taking place. They are not the focus of this Web site for three reasons:
Naughty boys are always held accountable for their mischief in due course and those of us who are aware of their activities are already quite outspoken, quite active, and (necessarily so) steadily growing in number;
By simply choosing a “new game to play” (i.e., true democracy) we will discover that their vast, self-proclaimed power was all just a “house of cards”—once they no longer have unbridled access to the American Cookie Jar (i.e. the entire U.S. banking system); and
Various naughty boys have been hard at work to “cover their tracks,” as suppressed information just keeps popping up in the most unexpected places . . .
There is really no need for me to focus on their individual improprieties; they have already proven (especially to themselves) that this is a small planet.

We can expect a continuation of the ongoing emotional manipulations and dis-information campaigns: naughty boys do get very defensive when things aren’t quite working out as planned. We can expect that there is “a bit” of pandemonium in certain government offices these days and we can also eventually expect lots of yelling and ruckus and pointing of fingers at their former “allies,” while presumed loyalties dissolve “as pieces of cloud dissolve into sunlight” (and a very heartfelt “thank you” to Jalal ad-Din Rumi, wherever you may be, dear, dear Brother).

Naughty boys have always kept themselves quite busy manipulating elections and they are particularly determined to manipulate the coming 2008 elections as a means of avoiding further indiscreet “Revelations.” [I am flattered that they have even decided to “rummage” through my various ISP account settings: changing passwords and domain names, worming their way into places they don’t belong, and generally “impeding” many of my emails to various friends and associates. All in all though, it’s very sweet that they could feel that I might be a “threat” to their necessarily clandestine efforts, especially considering that few others have ever shown even the slightest bit of interest in the work that I am offering to do . . . <sigh> . . . I just work here . . . ]

Thus, as the Holiday Season approaches, please allow me to simply remind you to “slow down” (as much as you can), take three deep breaths, and enjoy this long-celebrated time of year. Be gentle with yourselves; be kind to yourselves; nurture yourselves. The more you are willing to simplify your lives, the easier all of this silliness will unfold—for you and for your loved ones. You are all very dearly loved, even the naughty boys!, for without their very naughty efforts—which, regardless of their protestations, will end up giving them an opportunity to visit The Hague (albeit in chains)—it is quite possible that we would have been too complacent to make the necessary efforts to see this rare opportunity through to fruition. Efforts that will result in benefits and delights that we cannot, as of yet, even begin to fully imagine.

And as a closing treat to yourselves, please allow me to remind you—as I expounded upon in my third Capitol Hill Blue Deliberations post—to take a moment and enjoy a most-heartwarming video clip by “Juan Mann” and the Sick Puppies: the Free Hugs Campaign. Soon enough, It will be time again for Spring . . .

Much love to you all, my dear Brothers and SIsters,

Arthur “Two Sheds” Jackson

2007.11.26 at 6:41:54PM: A Declaration of Responsibility

When in the course of Human Evolution it becomes necessary for a People to rise above their “creature comforts,” their beliefs, and their perceptions of the world around them, and to recognize and accept responsibility for the True Power that exists within each and every Human Being—the Power that created us in this brief moment of Time—it then becomes possible to accept these Truths to be eternal:
As a (currently) very young and wayward fragment of All That Is, we are none-the-less fully responsible for the care and nurturing of all forms of Life on this sacred Earth, regardless of our limited awareness of why we are here. We are fully responsible for the world of human affairs that exists around us, regardless of any illusions of separation.
Each and every one of us is fully and completely responsible for everything we think, everything we feel, everything we say, and everything we do, regardless of the words and actions of others. We accept that we must do that “homework” which we have long been told—for thousands (of thousands) of years—is necessary to achieve that for which we have yearned these countless eons: Peace on Earth; Heaven on Earth.
We accept that we will not progress in our evolution until each and every child is cherished, nurtured, and educated—fully and equally; until every Brother and every Sister is fully loved and appreciated; and until we understand that it is our united diversity that is our greatest strength and most powerful gift. This also requires that we make the necessary effort to gain a far greater understanding of just how many people this beloved Earth is designed to support.
We accept our responsibility to seek out the Wisdom of the Ages—deliberately learning and growing by virtue of our words and our actions—such that we may function on increasingly higher levels of consciousness. We accept that after countless (from our perspective) eons we are finally moving as a group from the plane of the emotions to the plane of the mind such that we may then move to the plane of the heart and begin to be allowed to learn more fully why we are here. Those who have been forced by wars and famine to return to the plane of the physical—the plane of bare survival—must be embraced and aided. This is group work, my Brothers and Sisters: none may be left behind.
We accept that this beautiful Earth is our classroom and that we will continue to return—lifetime after lifetime—until we “graduate.” Thus we must also accept that killing anyone, for any reason, will only impede both them and ourselves from learning the lessons intended for us in any given life. The only real “crime” that any of us can commit is to unnecessarily harm—in any way—another living being, and should any Brother or Sister do so, it is our responsibility—to both them and to ourselves—to hold them fully accountable for their actions. Killing them, however, will offer neither them nor ourselves the necessary lessons to be learned. Even those who present a risk to the physical well-being of others can be placed into intentionally expansive conditions wherein they may eventually learn to first recognize, and then to accept responsibility for, their own deepest fears and their own deepest pains. (They would also not be the only ones learning the intended lessons from such conditions. . . . )
And finally, we must acknowledge our innate awareness of the momentous timing of this fleeting opportunity. Many will call these words, “pipe dreams,” but there are now enough of us who know these responsibilities to be self-evident, that we must therefore accept that it is time for us to believe in ourselves and to trust in ourselves; for indeed, until we do, we will be unable to be of true service to either ourselves or to anyone else.

We are here for a very specific purpose and we have been encouraged for thousands (of thousands) of years to fulfill our responsibilities. We have also been told of some of the rewards for such focused efforts; efforts performed with reverence, joy, humility, and unconditional love for all forms of Life—for All That Is.

No one walks this Path alone, my Brothers and Sisters, no one—regardless of how alone we may sometimes feel . . . and all must walk it eventually. There will always be those who have gone ahead of us and there will always be those who are following in our footsteps. By accepting the responsibilities outlined above, we shall finally gain those Deepest Desires of the Heart for which we have long yearned—and to which we have long been promised.

“Time is of the essence.”

Blessings to You and to All Your Loved Ones,

Arthur “Two Sheds” Jackson

2007.9.14 at 5:36:36PM: A Brief Review of How We Got Here and What We May Expect

If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace.
—Thomas Paine

All right, now. As things will be “heating up” in the coming weeks and months, allow me to offer a brief outline of what has been slowly crafted over many decades. We can expect that there will be (quite deliberately) no “middle ground” offered as a possible compromise (thus necessitating the posting of this web site). Before delving into circumstances of which some of you may not be fully aware, do allow me to remind you that our Creator loves surprises. This is not an insignificant quality and these are not insignificant times for us. What these long-prophesied “surprises” are and how they may unfold, regardless of what many may claim, are also not possible for us to predict with any accuracy. They are, however, possible to prepare for, to a large degree, by doing our homework.

“Changes are afoot.”

As our Creator loves surprises, the extensive planning and implementation of control over the People of this country (and over the People of this planet) may not quite unfold as our prominent naughty boys (under the control and manipulation of a very few, relatively discreet, very naughty boys) would expect or appreciate. It is to our advantage, however, to pay attention to their actions, and thus become aware of their true intentions, as doing so would then enable us to simply ignore the lies they are relentlessly telling us and render them powerless. I remind you again that emotional manipulation is their only available tool and that telling lies is an integral part of emotional manipulation.

To effectively render said naughty, and very naughty, boys powerless—thus allowing us to focus more clearly on what it is that we say we truly desire—we must first consider and then accept that we have allowed ourselves to be lied to for a very long time. This is not a difficult step (though it may well be emotionally painful for many of us), but it will be vigorously fought, via emotional manipulation, by those naughty boys who have every reason to believe that they will be successful in achieving their goals, as they have for thousands of years.

The following is in four parts:
Current Conditions (a brief, incomplete list, all of which are quite deliberate and have been covertly accomplished over many years)
The Current “Plan of Attack”
Possible (and deliberately crafted) Unexpected Consequences
A Graceful, Rapid Solution

Current Conditions (a brief, incomplete list, all of which are quite deliberate and have been covertly accomplished over many years)
A failing, destabilized (and plundered) economy
Complete control over the mass media
Extensive emotional manipulation in the form of relentless, vague, and ominous warnings
The slow dismantling of the Constitution and Bill of Rights (to be replaced with a North American Union, for starters)
Absolute power exercised by the Executive Branch
The refusal to allow, and/or the overt and covert disruption of, peaceful demonstrations
Concentration camps established in the U.S.
Active preparations for martial law
Neglect of natural disaster victims
Attacking innocent countries for the purpose of controlling their assets
Neglect of our troops and deliberately placing them in harm’s way
Incitement of a global war

All of the above are specifically intended to drastically reduce the global population and subjugate the survivors. Understandably (and as carefully planned and reasonably expected through the tried-and-true use of emotional manipulation), there are many of us who will go to great lengths (often with no mental considerations at all) to argue that such concerns and insights are all fear-based delusions. We may believe whatever we like, however I encourage us all to do our homework; as acting like ostriches—at this late stage—is not in our best interest.

The Current “Plan of Attack”

Soon, we can expect another “surprise” attack on U.S. soil. (We can also expect that the “terrorist attack” will once again be coordinated by a certain “friendly” country’s covert intelligence personnel, using our “hardware.”)

We can expect that we will be told that the attacking country was Iran and that “shock and awe” will unfortunately be necessary against the “terrorist state” and, in fact, has already begun. Any insistence from other countries for proof and/or diplomatic negotiations will be branded as “signs of weakness” and proof that we are the only country that has the strength to fight terrorism. We will “go it alone!” . . . as planned.

This is where it may well get interesting . . . 

Possible (and deliberately crafted) Unexpected Consequences

As anyone who is paying attention will know, Iran and Russia (not to mention the rest of the world) are also well aware of our government’s intentions and we can expect that an existing, significant supply of advanced cruise missiles would be used against the U.S. Navy’s Persian Gulf armada, as our ships would be “sitting ducks” for such defensive efforts. Assistance from other countries against our flagrant “Act of Aggression” can also be expected and although such assistance would likely be mostly covert, we can expect that it would not be insignificant. Simultaneously, our troops stationed in Iraq would also become, essentially, “sitting ducks” as well.

We can then expect that certain naughty boys in Washington D.C. would go on television to announce (in vague and distinctly emotionally manipulative terms) that:
in effect, World War III has begun,
we have lost many of our soldiers and ships, and
to preserve freedom and democracy for the world, any and all able-bodied citizens will be required to immediately report to the nearest recruiting office.

Anyone caught not reporting within a certain time frame would be considered “traitors,” arrested, “detained,” and shipped off to one of the freshly built concentration camps. Anyone caught protesting our invasion of yet another country that not only didn’t attack us, but hadn’t even threatened us, and, we can expect, diplomatically insisted on some peaceful negotiations before they were attacked, would be considered a threat to our “freedom and democracy,” declared “terrorists,” and also shipped off to the now-already-overcrowded concentration camps. We can also expect more Paul Wellstone “accidents.”

The naughty boys who are actively finishing the process of converting this country to a police state are aware that they have a limited amount of time to accomplish their goal. The People of this country (and of the world) are learning, growing, and evolving into the conscious, articulate, loving People we are destined to become, and we are gaining the power necessary to reclaim our country. Our “very naughty boys” are also well aware of the fact that they may well need to finish their work before the next election. Thus, it can be expected that whatever actions that could be construed to require that the 2008 election be “delayed” may well be taken. The 2008 election would likely then be “temporarily postponed” and martial law would immediately be established to “maintain control over adverse elements in our free society.” This is a very brief description and, yes, should it unfold, it would all be playing out as planned.

I remind you once again that our Creator loves surprises, but also please be well aware that blind trust and complacency are not to our benefit. As I have previously written, acting like lemmings is not “a step in the right direction” and emotion-fueled protests and resistance efforts will only provide the naughty boys with excuses to reduce the population of this country even more rapidly. Conscious, deliberate, focused intent on the plane of the mind, and the necessary subsequent calm, precise actions, are required to establish, for the first time, democracy in this country. Such efforts are actually not that difficult and the more people who are willing to do their work, as a group and from the plane of the mind, the easier it will be for us all.

A Graceful, Rapid Solution

The biggest challenge here is simply to accept—and I understand that this will be very difficult for many of us—that no one in the three branches of the federal government will be able to stop any of this from unfolding as planned. Even if they want to stop this from happening—which some honorable public servants, like Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich, will most certainly attempt to do—no one in the three branches of the federal government will be able to stop this. No one. The machinations have been slowly drawn out over many years to allow the Executive Branch to do anything—and I do mean “anything”—that it chooses. When a “New World Order” is the goal, the welfare of the citizens of any given country are not a concern. Recent, large-scale land purchases in foreign countries by prominent naughty boys are a silent testimony to such plans.

The only way that we can stop this (quite deliberate) holocaust-in-the-making is to immediately dismiss all federal employees, including all those in the Legislative, Judicial, and Executive Branches, and to order all overt and covert military operations (and foreign military support, overt and covert) to immediately cease and all overt and covert federal employees, including all military personnel with all of the weapons, to immediately return to the U.S.

This can be accomplished in one of two ways:
on the State level, by holding a series of nationally coordinated general votes in each State, or
it can be done by hiring someone to function as a “conductor,” working in the role of President, to oversee and facilitate the immediate dismantling of the entire federal bureaucracy and to assist in facilitating communications between the States and between the People of this country and the People of this world.
The second method, via a national election, is a simpler, more familiar process for the People of the country, but the first may be necessary if the 2008 election is “postponed.”

We may expect that, “for Homeland Security,” the Executive Branch will refuse to leave office, and as they have already completely gutted the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, they will have no trouble defending their actions to the (sufficiently corrupt) Supreme Court—should they even allow it to get that far. But herein lies their quandary: they will have to order the military, and the police (currently just another branch of the military), to ignore the demands of the majority of the People, cast in a legal, national vote or election and to repress, to whatever degree necessary, their Brothers and Sisters. This leaves the military, including the police, liable for Crimes Against Humanity. Such “precarious circumstances” will undoubtedly force the Military “Brass” to choose to risk either being murdered in a foreign country or be tried, and very likely convicted, by an international war-crimes tribunal; or to return to their homes, to the enormous relief and praise of their families, loved ones, and fellow citizens. We can expect that their choice will be given serious thought.

Blessings to you all, my dear Brothers and Sisters.

2007.8.4 at 9:35:11AM: Deliberations

I have started a forum on Capitol Hill Blue: Deliberations

Do join in, should you be so inclined.

2007.6.4 at 10:30:53PM: Questions and Responses

All right now. It has been six months since this web site was first posted.

Due to recent activity, it is time to remind you of the time-limited opportunity that is currently available to the People of this Country. Not all of us are paying enough attention to be fully aware of the consequences of inaction on our part, but the consequences would be significant. I encourage all of us to do our homework and pay attention to what is going on around us. Many of us are doing so, but only united group action will achieve the goals for which we have long yearned.

Below is a compilation of inputs and responses regarding the work that I am encouraging you to consider, but to preface such, please allow me to first begin with a description of the experience of ripping one’s shoulder out of its socket.

It hurts having one’s shoulder out of its socket, but it hurts a whole lot more putting it back in its socket. Until that pain is endured, however, the shoulder is still out of its socket and deteriorating. The sudden relief of having it back in its socket, after the pain of getting it there, is sometimes overwhelming.

Sometimes conscious, deliberate growth can be an overwhelming process, but the relief that follows is well worth the brief struggle with our fears and our pain, and it is often best to get the process over with as soon—and as quickly—as possible.

Many people will be worried about the changes I propose and I understand and have enormous compassion for their fears and concerns—those fears and concerns are the result of many thousands of years of oppression, brutality, and suffering. However, until this work (or some equivalent process) is accomplished, our condition as a species will only get more perilous. This web site’s proposed “Spring Cleaning” is not the only possible course of action, but it is quite possibly the most inclusive, most rapid, and gentlest course of action we can take at this time.

This is the final hurdle: The willingness to accept, and trust, that what we say we want is not only finally possible, but is also quite simple, and, through one process or another, inevitable. We have been given the same homework for many thousands of years. If you believe in the endless process of growth that is referred to as “evolution,” then you must accept that someday, at some point, one way or another, we will achieve “Peace on Earth.” All you need do is to accept that we, as a species, have not been sitting still; we most-definitely have been doing our homework, as demonstrated by our recent, rapid growth in just a few short centuries.

Are you willing to accept that we are at a point of great change?

Are you willing to accept that those changes, ultimately resulting in (currently) unimaginable benefits, may not happen in a manner that we might prefer unless we, as a group, take an active role in facilitating the inevitable changes in as gentle, as loving, and as rapid a manner as possible?

Our hesitancy, born of countless fears, is the only thing holding us back. Are you willing to take this brief, and quite simple, next step?

As Todd Rundgren sings out, quite passionately and repeatedly, in a song (“Freedom Fighters”) that he wrote over thirty years ago:
“It’s just a question of how and when!”   (Dear Brother, thank you . . . )

The following is a collection of submitted questions and concerns, followed by my responses:

Input: I recall my first week of social work school, where we were given the facts of how all the Federally-funded programs were interrelated. We were all on fire to “change the system.” And we found it very discouraging when we saw how complicated it all was. Change one system and it rocks several others in ways we’d not intended to happen.

Very true; the federal bureaucracy is quite complicated, however it is complicated only because we are the ones who have complicated it, and then allowed it to be even further complicated. The roots of such “complications” are, however, not relevant to the focus of this work.

Input: As a State bureaucrat, I was appalled at how the State of ———— ran its health care and poverty programs.

And there are reasons why the work was done in that manner. There are also reasons why those patterns will unavoidably change and I am suggesting that not only can we control, to a large degree, how those changes occur, but we can also control, fully, how we respond to those changes. I am suggesting that we “paddle our canoe facing forward.” Living like ostriches, with our heads in the sand, is, quite possibly, not in our best interest at this time.

Input: The Feds were actually better at it than the States.

Perhaps. It is also possible that not all States would share that view and I am encouraging us to allow our abundant diversities to benefit the whole. Also, please allow me to point out that our Brothers and Sisters who, as employees of the Fed, “were actually better at it than the States,” will not suddenly disappear. Their experiences, training, and abilities will be coveted!

Input: I worked in Child Protective Services, and I had dealings with other States as well, since our perpetrators ran from state to state, running from the law. I couldn’t believe the dysfunction! And I know some of it came from the way the Feds related to the States—financially, and with mandates.

Indeed. Time for a bit of “Spring Cleaning.”

Input: I respect your vision. But realistically, I know you will need hundreds of others to help you with this dismantling cause. Even though a lot of people will agree with you, the question is where to start, to make sure you’re not making things worse instead of better.

I remember a story from the Fourth Women's international Conference in Beijing in 1995: A speaker at a podium was encouraging the participants in that meeting to speak out and declare their truths loud and clear. A participant from the Middle East stood up and said, “But if we speak out and tell the truth, they’ll kill us!” At which point a woman from Africa stood up and said, “Sister, they’re already killing us.”

I appreciate your fears, they are well founded, but evolution moves on regardless of how we react to that evolution. Changes will happen whether we want them to or not.

Are we willing to let go of our fears? Are we willing to accept that these coming changes—whatever those changes may be—will happen eventually, regardless of how we act, or do not act?

The only aspect of our evolution that we can fully control is our interpretations of, and our emotional reactions to, the changes that we experience. However, we can take some control of the manner in which those changes occur, by first doing our homework and allowing our perceptions of our Brothers and our Sisters to grow more inclusive. Only then will those changes will be reflected in the world around us. We are far more powerful than we give ourselves credit for . . . 

We can’t order the tide to stop coming in—like the story of the King who tried to order the tide to not come in so as to demonstrate his power—but we can prepare ourselves to deal with the coming changes, in a manner that does not require our ability to predict those changes. What is required is trust and compassion. We already have the compassion: the People of the U.S. are very loving people. Trust, however, requires that we do our homework and pay full attention to what we allow to occur, and, eventually, we must accept that we have allowed ourselves to be lied to for a very, very long time.

Input: It’s just so hard to sometimes know how to serve. Your inspirations—like mine—are sometimes ahead of their time. But at least you plant seeds in people’s consciousness so that they can be more awakened to what’s truly going on.

All I can do is to offer to do work that I think would benefit as many people as possible, in as equal a manner as possible. I have no control over, nor would I want any control over, people’s reactions to what I am encouraging them to consider.

To put all this in a little more perspective:

What you do is of little significance. But it is very important that you do it.
—Mohandas Gandhi

The human species will evolve, “one way or the other.” I simply prefer that our evolution be experienced by the entire species—and all species on this planet, in fact—in as gentle, as loving, and as rapid a manner as possible. Such a change is now, for the first time and only briefly, fully possible.

Input: I wish we could start by dismantling the military! I simply do not believe in war on any level. And I do think we could find ways to defend our own borders without ever having to really kill anyone. But I must admit that I have absolutely NO experience in such matters. So hopefully, someone will bring this about whenever it’s a possibility awaiting its manifestation.

I discuss this, quite firmly, on the first page of this web site. Dismantling our military outside of our borders and bringing everyone (and all of the weapons) home would be immediate and absolute.

Input: I do programs that help people heal their emotions. To me, until the emotional (astral) body heals, we’re completely incapable of thinking clearly.

Very true.

However, food for thought:

What would happen to our emotional group-consciousness were we to successfully, lovingly, ecstatically!, achieve our goal of establishing true, world-wide peace and prosperity and demonstrate—in no uncertain terms!—powerfully and lovingly to the world, that we will neither condone violence in any form, nor will we allow our Brothers and Sisters to be forced to live according to the dictates of others; that we will only respond lovingly to our Brothers and Sisters, regardless of their words and their actions, restraining and counseling only those who are unnecessarily hurting others? What then would happen to our emotional group-consciousness?

As I trust many of you are aware, what I am encouraging the People of this Country to consider will not be possible to achieve from the plane of the emotions; a clear head and an open heart are required. We have, however, finally reached a point of balance where enough people have sufficiently evolved and are functioning on the plane of the mind (for starters) to make this possible.

Input: I dream of a time when we can all be “free karmic agents” no longer dictated to by our past.

We now have the opportunity to accept that we have finally achieved a point of balance between our current “centers of focus” (the emotional plane and the mental plane) that proves that evolution is proceeding apace and that we must therefore have finally reached a point of opportunity for “Peace on Earth.” How else will it get here? What could be a more obvious sign that we are now ready for such a “growth spurt” than to simply achieve a majority vote? Can we do this?

I say we can. Remember, karma works in both directions . . . 

Input: I think the reason you rarely hear back from folks is that this project you are suggesting seems too enormous for most people to comprehend; it seems overwhelming. And most respond to being overwhelmed by putting their heads under a pillow.

The image of ostriches has long been in my mind. However, thank you, a pillow image is a bit more gracious . . . 


Input: Where do you start in dismantling the entire U.S. government? Do you go to Washington by yourself and publicly announce your intention and then deal with what reaction occurs? Are you prepared for the reaction? It would be that you are completely nuts, dangerous, and need to be confined! Wouldn’t just about everyone who has a position in making national decisions or policy in this country have to agree to do this with you? And how would you go about getting this kind of agreement? Remember, everyone with a government position would be out of work immediately, with no income. And I’m sure most of them feel they have families to support. I’m just thinking realistically here. It’s the shift from philosophy to the actual, real life consequences of doing something like this . . . 

I appreciate your fears, however, as I clearly state on the web site, I am not proposing dismantling the entire government, only the bureaucracy, and dismantling our federal bureaucracy is actually quite simple:

On yyyy.m.d (i.e. whichever date you choose), all assets, including all funds, revert to the States and no one gets paid for showing up to perform any aspect of the federal government; no one—until the next “wave” of elected officials fills the three, purged Branches of the Federal Government . . . and those who are elected will have no jurisdiction over any assets and will only be getting paid, by the States, the average salary of the high school teachers from the State that they represent.

You can even replace the federal bureaucracy with an exact duplicate of what was there. (Should you choose to do so, I would encourage you to do your homework and pay attention to the consequences of your actions.) Ultimately, the only question that remains is: Do the People of the United States have the wisdom, and the stamina, to focus on this current opportunity and be willing to trust their neighbors—their Brothers and Sisters?

I say we do.

All that is required is a vote. The three branches: the Legislative branch, the Judicial branch, and the Janitorial staff (currently referred to as the Executive branch), would still remain, just with a fresh, new quorum of public servants. The States will need the skills of those who no longer have a job. Are you willing to compromise the future of the many for the short-term comfort of a few?

The Law of the Land would still exist. Only the money changes hands—it returns to the States from where, of course, it all came. The States will then choose how to allocate those funds.

Input: Not to say that I wouldn’t do my part in helping this happen IF I truly believed my part would be helpful and IF I’m convinced that this is a good thing to do here in America, given the reality we live in with the consciousness level we have to deal with in the public. With no government at all, I don’t know that I’d trust the consciousness of the people who would try to take over and rule us. Everyone doesn’t just become peaceful and loving overnight, it would be the greedy, materialistic ones who know how to wield power. So yes, this would be a concern —and I think a very realistic one.

I appreciate your concerns. I am not proposing anarchy; the government would still exist, run by a fresh round of people who would not have any control over any assets. Naughty boys would have significantly fewer ways of manipulating OPM (Other People’s Money) and as a full, public understanding of many years of some very naughty behavior becomes more widely known, they would go to great lengths to convince the People of this Country that they had good intentions.

What I am proposing is responsibility. And I am doing so because I am convinced it is time to “harvest” the fruits of our past lessons.

Here’s the bottom line:

The money doesn’t suddenly disappear (regardless of the expected desperate attempts otherwise). No one is suddenly “abandoned.” The land on which we live doesn’t suddenly belong to someone else.

When people awake the next morning, the busses will still be running, the stores will still open, the hospitals will still be functioning as they always have, the various public services will all still be there, the sun will still rise in the morning and set in the evening.

What will happen, however, is that something very unusual will suddenly start happening all over the Country:

People will start shaking their heads, smiling, and laughing uncontrollably.

 . . . no one said this would be easy . . . 

Input: What I’m doing in my life is trying to help people raise their consciousness. But [we are] very small compared to the huge need out there. So this work is very slow, even though it’s also very compelling and does lead to more people becoming healthy and conscious individuals. It will be conscious people who can make your project happen, and that is, if the conscious people agreed with you that this whole government should be dismantled. They might say, instead, that we do need government, but it needs to be run by conscious people who look out for the whole rather than for special interest groups and their own pocketbooks.

That is exactly what I am suggesting and I am suggesting it only because I am convinced it is possible. There are enough people who are doing their homework, using their minds (and, in ever-increasing numbers, their hearts), and paying full attention to the current conditions of our country and our planet.

We have reached the “turning point.”

I am convinced of it.

Will there be people, addicted to their emotions and—desperate to convince others that they are using their minds—loudly proclaiming that only they can declare what the results of our actions will be? Of course, and they will be the loudest—it’s just the nature of desperate, naughty boys. And, yes, they will be going ballistic over the possibility that they won’t be able to keep their hands in the Country’s “cookie jar.” We don’t need to blame them, attack them, or argue with them. Evolution will deal with them in due course; all we need do is to calmly and quietly offer them compassion—as we see this work through to completion.

Input: Or,,,,are you just counting on evolution taking care of this? Because I can truly see that this particular national administration is indeed making sooooo many people upset and ready for a change, the evolutionary process may be rapidly accelerating in your direction and pretty soon we could be swooping through a loop of total change. Now THAT, I can see.

This is the point that I make repeatedly on the web site: This change WILL happen. What I am encouraging people to do is to “spin the canoe around so that we can steer our way” through these inevitable changes. It won’t be a boring process, but if we do it consciously, it may well be quite exhilarating!

Input: Or, are you putting this idea out there to plant in consciousness, to make the start in this direction? That, also, I can see.

All of the above, as the seeds do have to be planted before the “harvest,” but more seeds have already been planted than most people are aware and the news of the growth of those seeds has been quite meticulously suppressed—and for quite a long time. I am willing to do whatever it takes, with integrity and respect for all involved, to see this through to completion.

Input: I hope this dialogue is fun for you, and useful, too.

Ditto—on all counts. Blessings to you all.

2007.2.4 at 2:24:00PM: Initial Feedback

All right, now. It has been two months since this web site appeared. Many news sites, mailing lists, and individuals have been alerted to its existence and a distinct pattern of responses has resulted:

All those who responded feel that it offers a valuable alternative to our current conditions, and,
All but a very few are unwilling to “spread the word” because they either have little faith in their Brothers and Sisters and/or they are too afraid to be willing to speak out.

Such judgements and fears are understandable. Letting go of ancient belief patterns is not easy (especially if they are not recognized), but such reactions do not serve ourselves either as individuals or as a country. To wit:

People are practical. They want change but feel powerless, alone, do not want to be the blade of grass that sticks up above the others and is cut down. They wait for a sign from someone else who will make the first move, or the second. And at certain times in history, there are intrepid people who take the risk that if they make that first move others will follow quickly enough to prevent their being cut down. And if we understand this we might make that first move. This is not a fantasy. This is how change has occurred again and again in the past, even the very recent past.
—Howard Zinn

It does take an extra bit of effort to start a snowball rolling down a hill. If you are excited by this opportunity and are willing to assist in this work by simply telling others about this web site, the rewards for us all—due to small efforts by many—are worthy of our time. As the number of our Brothers and Sisters who are willing to “spread the word” grows, this invocation of conscious evolution will become easier—and faster—for us all.
[Well, most of us anyway . . .    ;-)   ]

I lovingly remind you, once again,

“Time is of the essence.”

I must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past, I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.
Only I will remain.
—Frank Herbert